Projects, products and methods fail....

if decisive connections between multiple factors are either wrong or go unnoticed.

Therefore, you should start any project with a cause-impact-model and the KNOW-WHY-Thinking for your individual situation.

Together with Consideo and its network of more than 50 partners we can provide expertise for nearly any field.

But in most cases you have all the knowledge at your disposal. All you need is to use a tool to interpret and foresee the dynamics.

In cases where this may not be as simple, we offer inexpensive REMOTE COACHING:

We can work on your challenges via email and telephone. Just send us your goals and your first brainstorming in the (i)MODELER. We will then structure your cause-impact-model and apply KNOW-WHY-Thinking and the KNOW-WHY-Method to ask you for the crucial factors and their interconnections.

You will be able to receive this service for just 150 EUR/hour accounting every 15 minutes.

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Projects, Processes, Strategies


  1. Multi project management

  2. Process-optimization with Soft Operations Research

  3. Asset Allocation, Forecast of market-developments

  4. Sales forecasts

  5. Evaluation of political activities

  6. Technology Assessment

  7. Planning complex supply processes

  8. Simulation of product life cycles

  9. Dynamic Balanced Scorecard or Strategy Maps

  10. Strategical Logistics

  11. and more ....