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Northern Germans supposedly talk little (about themselves).
On the other hand, my annual
Holistic Integration and Development Plan (HIDP)
with the KNOW-WHY Thinking and method
naturally lets me achieve high satisfaction,
regardless of the fact that I also have bad luck,
but luckily
not to have greater bad luck!

Without being rich compared to
the people around us
and of course often doing things
that I do not enjoy,
I can still look at a certain,
planned happiness,
emancipated from the
influences/values of my environment.
My Doing, Having and Being
and my social environment
mean every year abundant
felt integration and further development.

If there weren't the chronic lack of time
and the gray season in Germany.
Kai privately
Do good and talk about it ...
although we can really improve everything
and still have too much:

- we are climate gardening (terra preta etc.)
- vegan, in exceptions only vegetarian
- just one car that being an e-car, ...
- ... otherwise train and bicycle (with trailer)
- energetically renovated old house
with natural building materials
- solar thermal, heating with wood, soon heat pump
- PV system with Li battery in the basement
- fair organic clothes
- organic food, much from the region
much but still unnecessarily packed
- repair a lot and build things by ourself
- my better half makes food (juices,
spreads, bread, ice cream etc.) herself
- ecological investment (great return!)
- club/community work
- neighborhood help
- sustainable donations (Plan, Greenpeace, Campact, etc.)
- vacation mostly sailing on own keel
(so hardly any long-distance travel) with e-drive,
hydrogenerator, biocide-free underwater paint,
compost toilet, drinking water filter, solar energy
- ...

- and then there is "casa ilsa", our sustainable bio apartment at the Algarve in Portugal to escape the grey season of northern Europe. It increases our ecological footprint but we compensate for it. We rent it to others who care about the world: